Wallace Global Fund

Wallace Global Fund is dedicated to supporting people-powered movements that advance democracy, protect human rights, and fight for a healthy planet. We are inspired by the legacy of our founder, Henry A. Wallace, the visionary progressive leader who served as the 33rd Vice President of the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt, and who championed a strong government that advances equality and human dignity for all.

“Democracy must put people first and dollars second. Stand up and fight for your rights!”
– Henry A. Wallace

Wallace Global Fund believes society’s changes are fundamentally interconnected, and so our approach to philanthropy must be intersectional. We are committed to supporting transformative change by partnering with social movements and allied organizations to catalyze solutions to critical issues including democracy, environment, corporate accountability, and women’s rights.

To address the urgency of the moment, we pursue an integrated approach using all of the foundation’s assets – grants, investments, and our advocacy voice – in service of our mission. We have accelerated our pace of giving to meet the urgent challenges of our time.

We are using all the resources at our disposal to drive people-powered, movement-led solutions.


We support more than 300 movement partners annually that advocate for transformative solutions across sectors and respond to the urgent demands of frontline communities.


We are leaders in the field of mission-aligned investing. Our portfolio is fully divested from fossil fuels and invested in transformative social and environmental change, delivering both positive impact and excellent returns.

> 5%

We consistently surpass the required minimum spending of five percent of total assets annually towards grants, ensuring that more money reaches the movements mobilizing.

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