Who is Henry A. Wallace

The Fund is inspired by the progressive vision of its founder, Henry A. Wallace, the 33rd Vice President of the United States and champion for the rights of the “common man.”

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Mission Investing

The Fund is part of a growing “asset activism” movement ensure that our investments align with our mission to create a sustainable planet where social justice and respect for human rights can flourish.

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Meet Our Grantee Partners

The Fund supports dynamic organizations around the globe. Together, we’re working to create systemic change and build leadership for the next generation.

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“The greatest remedy for fear is to stand up and fight for your rights.”

– Henry A. Wallace, “Tell the People Who We Are,” Progressive Party rally speech, 9/10/48


It’s not enough to fund good causes. Find out how the Wallace Global Fund is aligning its investments with its mission.



The Fund supports organizations creating transformative change to promote democracy, human rights, public health and a sustainable planet. We seek to achieve these goals through a targeted range of strategies and issues.

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The Wallace Global Fund supports activities and movements that are global or national in scope. Proposals can be for either core or project-specific support.

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Prospective grantees that meet the eligibility requirements may submit a letter of inquiry.

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The Fund’s grantees work to protect the rights and the dignity of common people and the planet on which they live.

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