WGF Grantee Dr. Leyla Hussein Honored with Statue in London

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We extend our congratulations to activist, filmmaker, writer and clinician Dr. Leyla Hussein on having been selected to be one of 25 statues that was erected to honor women that are positively impacting the world.

There are 925 public statues in the UK. Of these, 158 are women, and only 25 are women that are non-royal and non-mythical. put her forward is an art project by non zero one that will double the amount of non-royal, non-mythical statues of women in the UK.

Leyla’s statue was unveiled today, September 11 at the Sutton House in England.

The Wallace Global Fund has partnered with Leyla on her pioneering advocacy and outreach on female genital mutilation, including her innovative work addressing the social and emotional needs of FGM activists and survivors.

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