Net Neutrality

The Internet revolutionized modern life.

It gives us access to information, knowledge – and power – on an unprecedented scale. But we can’t take it for granted. The era of a free and democratic internet will end if corporate lobbyists and their cronies in Washington succeed in killing net neutrality.

T hanks to a powerful, cross-cutting social movement led by WGF grantees and their allies, Net Neutrality – a principle that ensures fair and equal access to content on the Internet – has been protected.

But big corporations aren’t happy about it, and seek to turn back the clock. If they succeed, the Internet will become a pay-to-play system that lets corporations decide what we see – and what we don’t. In a world without Net Neutrality, powerful interests can restrict freedom, crush online dissent and transform the Internet from a public resource to a tool for special interests.

We cannot let this happen. The Internet’s power as a vehicle for transformative social change is far too important. The free and open Internet has united global communities in conversation, empowered new voices and enabled the grassroots to disrupt entrenched, powerful interests. Net Neutrality has become an essential component of democracy in the 21st century and we are proud to support organizations working to safeguard this vital public commons.

The Wallace Global Fund is proud to support, and partner with, the following organizations that are leading the campaign to defend Net Neutrality and keep the Internet fair and free for all: