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2°Investing Initiative


Support for work with mainstream investors and economic agencies on portfolio assessments that shift evaluation to a long term horizon and promote a new standard of fiduciary responsibility on the materiality of carbon risks.

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Support for 350’s work fighting to end fossil-energy subsidies, and for a campus speaking tour on universities' endowments in climate-threatening fossil energy investments.

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$125,000 (2 grants)

Support for continued expansion of the US-based divestment campaign both domestically and internationally, with an intensified focus on the Invest side aimed at promoting a switch to investment in a clean energy economy.

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Support for a convening to develop a global fossil freeze campaign.

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Support for work elevating the call for fossil fuel divestment from college campuses, cities and pension funds, to a more comprehensive banner of a Freeze on Fossil Fuels.

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Support for the “International Conference on Divestment" in Paris in September.

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Support for 350’s work fighting to end fossil-energy subsidies and advancing the student divestment movement, as well as support for the first "Global Power Shift" conference.

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Accountability Counsel


Support for work to hold internationally financed development projects accountable to human rights and environmental standards, with an emphasis on impacts on women and the climate.

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Action Aid USA


Support for global campaigning on safe and clean energy access, making the case for affordable, renewable energy access as the only way to avoid climate change and ecological collapse, and meeting development needs.

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ActionAid USA


Support for a Global Campaign for Tax Justice, challenging corporate tax abuses in impoverished countries.

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