Our Mission

The mission of the Wallace Global Fund is to support people-powered movements to advance democracy and rights and to fight for a healthy planet.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is shaped by these key trends:

Rise of Global Corporatist State

Henry A. Wallace was deeply concerned by what he saw as the rise of a corporatist state that concentrates power in the hands of the few and wields unchecked authority at the expense of the common good. Corporatocracy, now a global phenomenon, poses a fundamental threat to our political and natural systems.

Threats to Democracy and Rights

Our systems of government must put people before profits. From unfettered campaign contributions and insidious surveillance in the US to coercion and the suppression of dissent in Zimbabwe, democracy is under assault by those who wish to maintain the privileges enjoyed by the few.

Ecological Collapse

Climate change caused by unprecedented consumption of fossil fuels and the poisoning of the planet by harmful chemicals have pushed the Earth’s natural systems to the point of collapse, with profound consequences for human health and existence. Rather than reverse the disastrous practices at the root of these problems, corrupt governments seek ineffective technological fixes in order to maintain and maximize corporate profits.

Power Differential and Weakened NGOs

Many nongovernmental organizations struggle to achieve impact because of limited resources and dysfunctional governments weakened by powerful economic interests. Real change comes from the power generated by authentic movements of people dedicated to fundamental transformation and represented in decisions that affect their lives. The best NGOs are those that tap into and galvanize such movements, working collaboratively to achieve bold goals.

WGF believes we must address these challenges directly to be effective in advancing real change.

In order to address these challenges, we embrace the following approaches:

Transformative Change.

We advocate structural change and defend the rights of the disenfranchised in the face of corrupt power.

Movement Building.

We will fund the best social movements and become partners in helping them grow and succeed.

Powerful Constituencies.

We will build new and broader constituencies for social change.

Training Leaders.

We will help train new and courageous leadership for the future.

Global Reach.

Our work will reflect the common links among global problems.

Grants are awarded to high quality organizations with strong leadership that are catalyzing significant change in line with the Fund’s priority areas.

Crosscutting Themes:

Support progressive social movements and their leaders.

Explore and pursue popular culture and music, documentary film and other creative outlets to achieve impact and reach.

Challenge Corporate Power

Priority 1

Occupy K Street to Counter Corporate Machinery

  • Counter corporate lobbyists
  • Empower new voices to demand equitable and sustainable policies
Priority 2

Change Rules of the Game to benefit the Public Good

  • Change the global rules, practices and institutions that enable corporate dominance of democracy
  • Pressure companies to pay their fair share, protect natural resources, and respect human rights
Priority 3

Advance a Movement for “Accountable Ownership”

  • Leverage institutional investors influence to change corporate practices
  • Strengthen the field of mission related and impact investing

Defend and Renew Democracy

Priority 1

Challenge Corporate Money in Politics

  • Stanch the flow of corporate spending in politics
  • Return democracy to the people
Priority 2

Protect and Expand the Pillars of Democracy

  • Safeguard and expand voting rights
  • Push back the right wing’s War on Voting
Priority 3

Strengthen Democracy in Transitional Societies

  • Encourage the development of democracy in places where strategic investment by WGF will meet other interests of the Fund

Protect the Environment 

Priority 1

Address Climate Change

  • Break the Fossil Fuel Cartel, Divest from Fossil Fuel, Invest in Climate Solutions and End Dirty Energy Subsidies
Priority 2

Empower Democratic Movement for Action on Climate

  • Build Local Community Power to Confront Corporate Dominance (fracking, tar sands, etc.)
Priority 3

Recognize Rights of Nature and New Environmental Human Rights

  • Confront deep anti-environment bias in our legal and political system
  • Frame new rights of individuals, such as access to water and protection for public health

Promote Truth and Creative Freedom in Media

Priority 1

Protect and Expand the Channels of Public Discourse

  • Advance media policy activism
  • Shift the balance of power away from corporate interests and toward the common good
Priority 2

Support Progressive Independent Voices

  • Sustain and amplify progressive content
  • Support courageous truth-tellers in traditional and new media
Priority 3

Foster Creative Use of New Media Tools to Promote Progressive Change

  • Advance innovative uses of new tools to increase effectiveness of organizing efforts
  • Leverage creative power to engage people in activist campaigns and shift agendas on topic of concern to WGF

Advance Women’s Human Rights and Empowerment

Priority 1

Advance and Protect Global Reproductive Health and Rights

  • Advance and defend global reproductive health and rights against mounting threats
Priority 2

Promote the Global Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

  • Support organizations that promote the global “abandonment” of female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C)
Priority 3

Illuminate Issues Affecting Women, Human Rights and the Global Economy

  • Seek deeper understanding and action on the intersecting issues affecting women in the global economy


Ellen Dorsey

Executive Director


Tina Kroll-Guerch

Administrative Director


Allison Barlow

Program Director, Democracy and Media


Susan Gibbs

Program Director, Women’s Empowerment and Rights

Heather Coleman

Senior Program Officer for Environment


Kindred Motes

Senior Officer, Communications and Strategic Engagement



Scott Wallace


Scott Fitzmorris


Johanna Dominguez


Annie Leonard


Emira Woods



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